Calworks Legal

CalWorks Legal  is funded by DPSS. This program is also  a component of the Los Angeles Welfare to Work program, and in order to qualify for services you must be receiving CalWorks benefits. This program provides our participants with restraining orders,  divorces, immigration & legalization, and other legal services.  This is the only legal clinic operated by a Domestic Violence Agency in the Antelope Valley.

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Valley Oasis

Calworks Outreach

The CalWorks Outreach Program is a component of the Los Angeles County Welfare to Work program. The CalWorks Outreach program provides both English and Spanish Domestic Violence education classes, as well as individual and group therapy services. Clients are also provided childcare for their appointments and groups at the Outreach program.

8AM TO 5PM MONDAY- FRIDAY (661)723-7772

Homeless Services

In January 2005, Valley Oasis was selected as the lead agency for Homeless Solutions Access Center. This program is a supportive services only project that provides supportive services to homeless families and individuals in the Antelope Valley. Its purpose is to assist individuals with basic needs and link them to the Valley's homeless continuum for the supportive services they need to put a permanent end to their homelessness. In March 2014 the homeless program was awarded the First 5 L.A grant, a program to assist in housing a homeless family with at least one child between the ages of 0-5.

24 HOUR HOTLINE (661)945-6736

  Valley Oasis Shelter

The 60 day emergency shelter is open 24 hours a day it has a 65 bed capacity with an onsite childcare facility. The shelter has been able to provide services to men, women, and children of all ages who are victims of domestic violence . Valley Oasis has provided shelter to domestic violence victims from around the world due to  being one of the first shelters in the country to provide services to men.

8AM TO 5PM MONDAY-FRIDAY (661)942-2758

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   Valley Oasis

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and RENEW.

Transitional Housing 1  & 2

 OASIS HOUSE (Transitional Housing I) 2 year program located on shelter grounds. It provides 1 year of on-going case management services to eligible shelter residents. STEPPING INTO THE LIGHT (Transitional Housing II)  is our offsite program. It is also a 2 year program with 1 year of on-going case management. Residents that are accepted into either program must demonstrate the necessary skills to maintain a household on their own, without close supervision, and be self sufficient.

Valley Oasis Thrift Store

Residents in our shelter and clients within our programs receive much needed items from our thrift store free of charge. We also provide the shelter residents with a Learning Independence Program where they are taught the basics of work ethics, costumer service skills, retail skills, business management,and the basic day to day tools needed for the work place. This will allow them to further their career opportunities and implement the skills they have leared to improve their quality of life.


      Kayla's Place

In 2004 Valley Oasis was awarded a child abuse treatment program from the state of California to provide assessment and treatment services to children that have experienced abuse and violence in the home. The staff of Kayla's Place are trained in the innovative Parent Child Interactive Treatment (PCIT), Child Direct Interaction (CDI), and Parent Direct Interaction (PDI).

24 HOUR HOTLINE (661)945-6736
8AM TO 5PM MONDAY-THURSDAY (661)949-3269


VALLEY OASIS was incorporated in 1981 as the Antelope Valley Domestic Violence Council. In 1980, Michael D. Antonivich, Supervisor, 5th District, of Los Angeles County, created a task force to conduct a needs assessment to identify the services available for domestic violence victims. It was quickly determined that there was a great need for a domestic violence shelter in the region and through the supervisor's efforts, along term lease was created. In 2006, the agency celebrated 25 years of service by creating  a D.B.A, changing the name to Valley Oasis. In addition to the name change the agency incorporated a logo and tag line NURTURE HEAL RENEW. We are now going on our 33rd year of providing services to the community and have a total of 16 programs available for individuals and families in need of our specific services. 


S.A.R. S

S.A.R.S  (Sexual Assault Response Services) was taken over in 2008 by Valley Oasis. S.A.R.S is the only service of its type within a 3,200 square mile area. We serve approximately 1,000 new clients per year. The S.A.R.S staff is composed of volunteers and staff. Advocates respond within 30-45 minutes to the Antelope Valley Hospital emergency room. Advocates provide crisis intervention and support to the victim and their family, and interface with law enforcement and forensic examiners in assuring that the victim's needs and medical responsibilities are met. Emergency lodging, transportation, clothing, food, and personal safety items are made available to the survivor.